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Hemant Rustagi
WiseInvest Advisors, Mumbai
Wealth Forum is the most dependable and credible source that not only helps me in keeping up with news and devlopments in the industry but also often alerts me about the changes that I need to think about. Besides, I get to share industry experience and expertise.

Ranjit Dani
Think Financial Consultants
Wealth Forum for us is the first reference point for relevant and correct information without sensationalising the situation. You can depend on Vijay to raise pertinent timely issues and also bring in relevant perspectives on the same. The people at WF are able to anticipate the requirements of financial advisors in the country and fulfil them. Thank You Wealth Forum for being a catalyst in our progress. Wealth Forum - it is a habit.

S K Bagaria
Wealthforum does mean a lot to me. It is a unique platform where not only the related news and views of the concerned persons are available , but it also facilitates the expression of views . It is very helpful in keeping me in touch with the movements in the MF industry.

Shyam Sundar
Peak Alpha Investment Services
In these days of information overload, I rely on Wealth Forum to stay updated on all the important news, events and trends in the industry. Apart from the web site, the regular e-mails are a real boon. The annual Wealth Forum conference is, of course, the pinnacle of Wealth Forum's year, serving as a wonderful opportunity to hear from the voices that matter about the changes that are taking place and how best to respond to them. The opportunity to network with other IFAs and learn about how each one is responding to opportunities and challenges is invaluable. In summary, Wealth Forum should become an integral part of every investment advisor and mutual fund distributors' armoury.

Harsh Gahlaut
Harsh Gahlaut, FinEdge, Delhi
In a highly fragmented and complicated industry with multiple stakeholders, Wealth Forum is a platform which stands out in bringing everyone together. Besides being extremely informative in day to day happenings, Wealth Forum gets together expert opinions on various facets of the industry like regulatory changes, value creation, advice towards clients, evolution and challenges faced by people and of course fantastic case studies to learn from. The annual conference is one of the best and is eagerly awaited by all. It also provides a fantastic platform for recognition of the best in the industry! Vijay’s personalized relationships with everyone in the industry is absolutely exceptional to see!

A K Narayan
President, IFA Galaxy
I consider Wealth Forum as a true friend of IFAs. Apart from getting daily updates at finger tips it guides IFAs by giving various techniques and experiences of ifas located across India. Wealth Forum is a place where IFAs pose questions to seek answers from fellow IFAs based on their own experiences. IFAs are also able to share how they have become successful in their business models. Wealth Forum conference is a big hit amongst IFAs and they always look forward to attend the meeting. Vijay Venkatram is a person who plays a mentor role and wants IFAs to excel and is truly concerned about the common issues raised by IFAs. I compliment him for his good work and I wish him and his firm all success for his future endevours.

Ramesh Maloo
Wealth Forum as a platform of our industry is really helpful for advisors like us to gain knowledge and industry perspective. I have also shared my own thoughts via this platform to all my fellow advisors throughout the country, and the kind of response, suggestions and conducive discussions are really amazing and helpful in work. Apart from this, regular articles from various industry stalwarts are pretty useful for continuous improvement in myself, to serve my investors better. To me, Wealth Forum means a continuous learning hub and an amazing thought sharing platform

Yogesh Sharma
Y S Capital , Mumbai
I look forward to the Wealth Forum newsletter every morning as it gives a list of all articles pertaining to our Industry. This way one does not miss out on any important developments pertaining to our Industry and along with Market and Industry Views gives us some more information to help towards our decision making process. Keep up the good work Vijay. You are doing a good service for the Industry.

Rajesh Krishnamurthy
CEO , I-Fast Financial
In a world where there is abundance of websites where you can know what is happening WealthForum stands out because it also tell you why is it happening and what can you do about what is happening! To be able to do that requires a deep understanding of the domain, participation of people connected to the last mile as well as its own ears firmly pressed to the ground! WealthForum, keep the quality going!

Shibu Das
Director , Fine Advice Private Limited
"My working day begins with a cup of coffee and logging in to Wealth Forum website. That's good enough to keep me up to date with the financial news, industry updates and everything else that matters in my profession. It's crisp and I've almost done away with the pink papers!"

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