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5 traits of a good equity product
Himanshu Pandya, FT, shares five key traits that underpin long term success of any mutual fund product. In a discussion around products that are relevant to Indian markets and Indian investors, he shares rich insights into what works and doesn’t work in Cap Pro funds, derivate strategy based funds and advice embedded funds.

Timing or auto-timing: what’s a better solution?
Pesi Dastoor makes two important points: (1) If market timing continues to mean a lot to your investors, why not offer them auto-timing solutions – from the good old balanced funds to the more evolved valuations based auto-timing funds, and (2) When considering equity, why do we only consider home country funds?

What will it take to deliver fund performance into investor portfolios?
In the inaugural business perspectives piece within Equity Insights, Harshendu Bindal addresses one of the biggest challenges that we as an industry face : how to deliver into investor portfolios the fantastic long term returns that our equity funds boast of

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