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Profit booking is a vital part of HNI equity advisory
Lallit Tripathi believes that a clear understanding of the HNI investor psyche is very important for an advisor to deliver a good investment experience, and proceeds to list 4 typical characteristics that are common to most high net worth investors.

Champion IFA shares 6 step process to crack the toughest client segment
Vista Wealth, one of the largest and rapidly growing retail distribution businesses in North India, is also a great incubator of practice management and client engagement ideas and processes in the retail space. We therefore turned to Ashish and Manish to share with us how they build equity conviction in one of the most challenging segments – conservative, FD oriented middle aged savers.

I talk from experience, not merely from hope
Helping investors ride out volatile times like these, especially when they have not yet made money in equity funds, is a big challenge. A K Narayan, one of Chennai’s leading advisors and President of IFA Galaxy says that what helps him help his clients is that he speaks from experience, not merely hope.

Think of equity as your 3rd child
Mukesh Dedhia’s firm Ghalla Bhansali offers a unique equity experience to its investors – one that encourages clients to get fully engaged in the equity investing experience. He advocates long term goal based SIPs and at the same time willingly discusses markets, technicals and trending small cap stocks with the same clients.

Premature redemptions are directly linked to how funds are sold
FinEdge serves over 30,000 clients spread over 200 cities across India, through a phone and web based financial planning proposition. How can such a proposition “hold a client’s hand” in volatile times like these, to help them stay on track?

Entering equity funds: easy. Staying put: very difficult
Ajay Kumar Tharavath, Allegiance Associates, Kolkata, says, convincing clients to invest in equity funds is relatively easy. Getting them to stay put is the bigger challenge. How does he accomplish this? Ajay shares rich insights into equity advice – into what it takes to actually create long term wealth for your clients.

6 pearls of wisdom from Mumbai’s ace advisor
Sharing her rich equity insights, Sangeeta Jhaveri takes us through what it takes to help conservative investors to get comfortable with equity, what “handholding” during volatile market conditions really means in terms of client expectations, what HNI client expectations really are from an advisor, how she decides equity funds to add and exit from her recommended list and six pearls of wisdom for new IFAs on managing clients and their expectations.

Practical insights from an ace advisor
Advisors are confronted with several issues when advising clients on equity investing. Surya Bhatia, who heads one of India’s fastest growing and largest IFA firms, offers practical insights on key issues that advisors face in equity advising.

Markets are designed to transfer money from the active to the patient
In the inaugural edition of our advisor perspectives section of this microsite, Deepak Chabbria, one of Southern India’s most successful advisors, shares with us how he goes about the task that most falter at: of ensuring that his client portfolios actually capture the benefits of long term wealth creation which we know equity mutual funds deliver

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