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  A must watch video on a realistic 2018 outlook
Nilesh provides a sobering and realistic view on factors that can influence markets in 2018 and suggests that we must be prepared for a year of consolidation and moderation rather than continued exuberance. This becomes all the more important considering that perhaps only one part of domestic flows is coming in on the hope of earnings recovery while the other is perhaps chasing recent performance.

3 steps to make the most of investing in 2018
In this video, Kailash Kulkarni shares a recap of 2017, an outlook for 2018 and a simple action plan for investors to make the most of what looks like another promising year ahead.

  Time to take stock of your portfolios
Kailash recommends that every retail investor take some time off to assess their portfolios, review against goals, review against investment time horizons. That's what will help keep investors in equilibrium instead of getting swayed on either side as markets continue making new highs.

3 pillar model promises superior dynamic asset allocation
Axis MF’s new Dynamic Equity Fund adopts a 3 pillar model as opposed to the conventional P/E based approach to asset allocation, which its back testing establishes offers a superior investment experience as it blends fundamentals with market technicals as well as market risk parameters, to allow more dynamism in the asset allocation decisions.

  Is RGESS better than ELSS for a first time equity investor?
RGESS funds, which are treated as country cousins of ELSS funds by our industry, may actually be a sensible option for risk averse first time equity investors seeking a tax break, given the large cap orientation of these funds

This product is suitable for first time MF investors
IFAs have historically not warmed up to the Cap Pro category as much as banks and NDs have – Pradeepkumar believes the category warrants IFAs’ consideration as a low risk investment that can provide long term stability to client portfolios.

  Get ready for a secular bull run
Demonetization can leave a deflationary impact over the next 2 quarters, which will affect many sectors in the near term. But, Nilesh asks us to look beyond, to understand the deep structural impact that GST and demonetization will have on our economy over several years – an impact that will set the tone for a secular bull run in the years ahead.

Regressive? Maybe. Practical solution? YES!
Discussing the launch of Motilal Oswal’s Dynamic Equity Fund which auto-allocates across debt and equity on the basis of the MOVI model, Aashish is his usual forthright self in discussing the role of this solution in delivering superior investor experiences.

  Irrespective of cycles, there are enough opportunities to make money
Raamdeo Agarwal gives us crisp responses to 5 key questions that are top of mind for distributors on the market situation.

New CEO aims to double AuM next year
Swarup Mohanty is setting a cracking pace for Mirae Asset upon his elevation to the top job. His immediate aim: to more than double the AuM from 3000 crs to USD 1 Bn (6800 crs) by next year.

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