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  RIA regulations: lull before the storm
Some media reports suggest that SEBI will announce its much awaited RIA 2.0 regulations on Dec 28th. Whether Dec 28th is indeed the chosen date or some time in 2018 will be seen as more opportune, Sunil believes we are in a lull before the impending storm for MFDs who need to align their business models in a manner that segregates advice from distribution.

Investors are buying the returns story, perhaps not the risk
Even as all of us soak in the momentum of inflows, it is time to take a step back and ask ourselves whether we are doing enough to sensitize new investors about risks, says Kalpen. He worries that many investors are buying the returns story, perhaps not fully appreciating the risks – which makes it incumbent for responsible firms to balance out the communication between returns and risk – as he is getting his team at DSP BlackRock to do.

  4 reasons why IFAs may want to engage with this fund house
In the course of a candid conversation, Ravi Menon outlines four reasons why IFAs may want to consider engaging with HSBC AMC.

Get ready for the next retail powerhouse
Suresh Soni takes us through the building blocks that he and his team have carefully put in place in the last 18 months, which will drive growth and retail expansion as the company prepares for the big league in the years ahead.

  Promote SIP + SWP as lifelong solutions
Speaking on the occasion of SBI MF completing 30 years of wealth creation, Anuradha Rao looks back at how the fund industry and investor expectations have evolved over the years and what lies ahead of us as investor expectations continually evolve.

SIPs are a remarkable success story for the industry, but the next wave of growth can be unleashed if we promote SIP + SWP as lifelong solutions and make mutual funds relevant for every stage of the investor’s life, including post retirement, she says.


5 drivers that can make this your biggest year yet
Kailash strikes a very optimistic note in this video where he spells out why he believes FY17-18 can be your biggest year yet. Here are 5 factors he believes will drive huge investor demand for mutual funds this fiscal

  Don’t just think of doubling – plan for 10x growth in investor base
The industry which currently serves 2 crore unique investors, deserves to grow to a 20 crore investor base, says Bala. Technology is going to be a key enabler in providing enhanced market access. Distributors must intelligently adopt technology to enhance their reach by 10x and participate fully in the growth wave

3 specific opportunities for distributors from this Budget
Nilesh Shah outlines 3 specific opportunities for distributors from this Budget and asks you to share just one message to investors on the power of equity markets.

  Will this data now make you re-think your strategy?
Late last month, we carried an interview with Aashish where he discussed the merits of a focused investing approach and also shared some of his concerns on over-diversifying with diversified equity funds. Some advisors expressed doubts on whether indeed holding 6-8 diversified equity funds meant tending towards market returns, as Aashish suggested.

Distributors will continue to contribute 80% of industry flows
Surge in long term SIPs and the resurgence of the IFA channel are two key highlights of 2016 that Sunil believes augurs well for 2017 and beyond. Demonetization presents a Rs. 2 lakh crore opportunity for the MF industry, which distributors must put their attention to in right earnest, he believes.

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