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  Distributors will continue to contribute 80% of industry flows
Surge in long term SIPs and the resurgence of the IFA channel are two key highlights of 2016 that Sunil believes augurs well for 2017 and beyond. Demonetization presents a Rs. 2 lakh crore opportunity for the MF industry, which distributors must put their attention to in right earnest, he believes.

Every advisor should rethink his fund selection strategy
There is an important aspect Aashish asks you to consider in your fund selection strategy: are your clients’ interests best served with a portfolio of 7-8 diversified equity funds, which collectively pretty much own the market? Or are their interests better served with an optimal combination to high alpha focused funds and low cost beta generating index funds?

  Not just SIPs – we also offer HIPs and EIPs
Responsible investing is a core philosophy that drives Union KBC MF. So, while every fund house propagates saving tax as a key benefit in ELSS funds, Union KBC reminds investors about the service we as citizens offer to our country as tax payers, even as we look for legitimate ways to save tax.

After SIPs, this should herald the industry’s next growth wave
Dinesh Khara – SBI MF’s hugely successful MD – moves into a much larger role within the SBI Group as MD – Associates and Subsidiaries of SBI. As he looks back at the tremendous achievements of SBI MF during his 3 year tenure as its leader, he also articulates four things that he believes all of us in the industry should work together to do better, to help our industry achieve its true potential.

  Second line of business is critical for IFAs
Mutual fund distributors are struggling with the pace and direction of regulatory change, which they see as “anti-distributor” although the regulator sees these changes as “pro-investor”.

“Small” fund house’s journey to Rs.10,000 crs in equity assets
Motilal Oswal AMC has crossed Rs.10,000 crores in equity assets, evenly divided between its mutual fund schemes and its PMS offerings. Aashish Somaiyaa takes us through the highly engaging journey of this not-so-small-AMC’s rapid ascent in the equity sweepstakes in his inimitable style.

  32% CAGR business growth over last 3 years
Kailash Kulkarni and his team have steered L&T MF’s combined franchise over the last 3 years into a well- rounded and profitable business, which is growing much faster than the industry.

Our industry will see segregation between OTC and prescription products
Dinesh Khara believes that two trends that are likely to significantly influence the industry going forward will be digitization and a growing segregation between commoditized products and complex products – much like the pharma industry has OTC and prescription products

  Will IFAs take this idea forward?
Nilesh Shah is a passionate believer in the idea of “Amulization” of Indian IFAs, to help the fraternity scale up and unlock significant value through a collective effort, rather than trying to achieve this individually.

E-comm push needs to be balanced with need for advice
Pradeepkumar believes that while e-commerce is a great idea, it needs to be balanced against the need of retail investors for good advice. Simplified KYC and digital outreach are going to be crucial for the industry to achieve the kind of retail penetration it aspires for.

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