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  80C tax saving funds for risk averse investors
Suraj Kaeley takes us through UTI Smart Plan – a bouquet of 3 fund offerings with varying risk profiles, all of which qualify for 80C benefit – including UTI ULIP and UTI Retirement Benefit Pension Fund

From 1000 cr to 2000 cr in just 5 months
ICICI Prudential Long Term Plan doubles its AuM from 1000 cr in Aug 16 to 2000 cr by Jan 17. Wider acceptance of unique Current Account model based dynamic bond strategy, backed by robust consistent performance seen as main drivers of increased flows

  Rs.30,000 cr equity AuM rides on his shoulders
Manish manages two of ICICI Prudential’s flagship funds – Focused Bluechip and Balanced Advantage in addition to a couple of smaller funds. That puts him in charge of managing equity AuM in excess of Rs.30,000 crores – a number that is perhaps larger than the entire equity book of many fund houses.

Can this new issue help you expand your client base?
PSUs are the flavour of the season, valuations are relatively low, dividend yields are strong, recent performance is healthy: an opportune time indeed for CPSE ETF to come up with its second tranche through an FFO.

  Simple solution to invest smartly
Kotak MF’s Flex SIP / STP provides a simple solution to invest smartly: each time the Nifty 50 PE goes below 15, an augmented instalment will be invested, with a default set at 3x, to encourage making the most of bargain prices

Once in a decade investment opportunity is now here
Investing now in domestic facing cyclicals is a once-in-a-decade opportunity; such opportunities presented themselves once in the 1990s and then again once in the 2000s, and Lalit believes firmly that the opportunity presents itself again now – after a decade.

  He’s India’s ace CIO; but how is he as a fund manager?
All of us know Naren as one of the finest CIOs we’ve seen in the industry – clear thinker, master at institutionalizing processes to enhance predictability of returns, contrarian bent of mind, fantastic guide to distributors in terms of helping them take strategic and tactical asset allocation calls in investor portfolios. His aura as a hugely successful CIO sometimes masks the other facet of Naren – that of a champion fund manager.

Innovative new product idea adds a touch of pure alpha
Arbitrage funds are tax efficient, but returns are gradually tapering down in line with market yields. BNP Paribas’ new fund adds a touch of pure alpha into an arbitrage fund, to provide that much needed return kicker, while preserving the tax efficiency.

  We are in a new normal for interest rates and inflation in India
Structurally, we are in a new normal for interest rates and inflation in India, says Prashant, ever since RBI formally commenced inflation targeting and the Government started setting fiscal targets. Going forward, he expects medium to longer term fiscal benefits from demonetization even if a short term bounty now appears uncertain.

Structural boost for 30% of the market
In his monthly market outlook note, Navneet delves in some detail into the impact of demonetization, which he says needs to be understood from three perspectives: liquidity, wealth and income effect. While the near and medium term impact of demonetization is perhaps mixed, the long term benefits from digitization of finance and financialization of savings augur well for the financial sector, which makes up some 30% of market indices.

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