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  Reversal in rate scenario is on the anvil
Saurabh says markets seem to be pricing in at least one rate hike from RBI – signifying a reversal from the decline and pause mode that we’ve seen in recent years. G-Sec yields can remain under pressure from April implying that duration strategies must continue to be seen as tactical rather than strategic allocations.

Rising global yields and inflation are key risks
Mirae Asset is launching its Short Term Fund at a time when rising global yields and rising inflation are nudging advisors to remain cautious and stay at the short end.

  Thinking of you as we celebrate a milestone
On the occasion of Principal Balanced Fund crossing the Rs.1000 cr milestone, the fund house releases a special video thanking its distribution partners for partnering it in this successful journey

Great time for lumpsum investments in this category
Raghav Iyengar believes this is a great time for lumpsum investments in low duration accrual oriented corporate bond funds, like the ICICI Prudential Regular Savings Fund. 

  Why investing in small caps makes sense - even now
Vihang Naik explains his rationale on why investing in small caps makes sense - even now, as he makes a case for investing in the new L&T Emerging Opportunities Fund - Series 1

Union Budget: Focus shifts to implementation
HDFC MF’s Budget note is a one-stop-shop for all distributors who want to get an in-depth understanding of the salient features of the Union Budget, its sectoral impact and an outlook on the economy, on equity markets and fixed income markets.

  Innovative downside protection strategy
Most of us who are worried about an imminent correction are not really talking about the onset of a bear market – rather, a short and possibly steep correction in an ongoing structural bull market. Here’s a closed ended equity fund that intends deploying an active hedging strategy designed for exactly such an outcome.

Open vs closed ended ELSS - what's better for investors?
Raghav believes that a 10 year closed ended ELSS fund structure with an exit option after 3 years offers fund managers an opportunity to go further in the quest for alpha, thus enabling them to deliver strong performance. Also, staying invested for 10 years enables investors to reap the true rewards of long term capital appreciation.

  Most ignored life goal
Ashok Kanawala discusses retirement planning - the most ignored life goal among Indian savers, and showcases the HDFC Retirement Savings Fund as an option to be considered in this context

An ideal solution to step up from FDs
Ruchit highlights the product construct and performance of SBI Equity Savings Fund to draw our attention to its high degree of suitability for investors taking their first step into the world of market risk products as well as for investors cutting back on equity allocation as they move into retirement mode

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