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  And the Person of the Year is....
In his customary end-of-the-year piece, Navneet once again takes us through an exhilarating journey across events and personalities that defined the year, in his truly inimitable style, before settling on his Person of the Year 2017 – an entrepreneur who is not just disrupting an industry, but is trying something far more audacious – disrupting the way we live in this planet, and perhaps beyond!

5 risk management questions you must ask every fund house
Risk management often does not get the level of advisor mindshare it deserves – and only comes to the fore amidst unfortunate events. In that context, we asked two experienced risk veterans from Canara Robeco, 5 questions which we believe every IFAs should ask every fund house. Their rich insights and the processes they have adopted offer valuable insights into what risk management is really all about. Avoiding accidents is perhaps as important as the quest for alpha and it is a judicious combination of both that really helps fund houses deliver predictable and consistent returns over the long term.

  Making women financially independent
Its only fear of the unknown that keeps Indian women away from the world of investing, although they are already ace savers. Take away that fear through education, and they become ace investors, riding market volatility better than men, say ace advisors Roopa Venkatakrishnan and Sujata Kabraji as they discuss with Lakshmi Iyer their own experiences in making women financially independent with SIPs at Kotak MF’s recently concluded SIP Day.

Future of mutual fund advisors
Mutual fund transactions are rapidly going online – what does that mean for fund advisors? Kotak MF’s recently concluded SIP Day had an engaging panel where Nikhil Naik, Shirish Patel and Manish Mehta discussed a range of issues including the changing role of a fund advisor, the digital onslaught from robo advisors, combatting the deluge of information, helping investors avoid common mistakes and more.

  Financial Freedom Formula
Check out the Formula for achieving Financial Freedom as ace advisors Dhruv Mehta, Yogesh Sharma and Dinesh Khemlani join Harsha Upadhyay as they discuss strategies to save, invest and grow at a panel discussion during Kotak MF’s recently concluded SIP Day.

US can learn from the great Indian SIP story
The US may have achieved great success with its 401(k) plans, but when it comes to encouraging systematic investing with after-tax dollars, US clearly can pick up some insights from the Indian SIP story says Tim Hill, who was in India recently to meet distributors and address the MFRT conference.

  Biggest NFO in a decade
97,000 investors of which 16,000 are first time MF investors. 2100 crores mobilized in a 15 day NFO. Investments from 145 locations. Active support from 2500 IFAs across the country. No – we are not doing a flashback on an NFO from the 2006-7 period – these are numbers from the recent NFO of Axis Dynamic Equity Fund – the biggest NFO in a decade.

Fund industry heading towards an absolute return environment?
SBI MF’s 30 years of wealth creation coincides with 30 years of development of Indian capital markets says Navneet, as he traces the journey so far and peeks into the future on how fund management may evolve in the coming years. Is the growth of solutions and asset allocation products a symptom of the industry being pushed into an absolute return environment?

  Champion fund house of 2016
SBI MF is on a roll – it topped the WF Mirror Report 2016 (click here) clocking a blistering 63% weighted average growth in AuM in CY16. Fund performance was just as impressive as business performance, judging from the manner it swept the recent Outlook Money awards

Person of the year 2016
We turn the page on an eventful 2016 with a great piece from a master thinker, writer and orator, which captures the trials and tribulations, the black swans, the upsets, the high points and the low points of what has been a truly tumultuous year. We reproduce below Navneet Munot’s eagerly awaited annual “Person of the Year” piece of this year.

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