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  7 BIG inspirational winners
Reliance MF and WF presented the Think BIG awards across the 5 pillars of growth that Think BIG articulates, to 7 BIG inspirational champions, on 7th July 2017

5 rising stars of the IFA world
SBI MF presented the 5th edition of the Wealth Forum Emerging Advisor Awards on 7th July at the 8th annual Wealth Forum Platinum Circle Advisors Conference in Mumbai.

  Tarakki Awards 2017
Presenting the 2nd edition of the Tarakki Awards 2017, which recognizes distribution growth excellence over a 3 year period, at an industry level, across all distribution channels

5 awesome marketing wizards
Kotak MF and WF presented the Marketing Wiz 2017 awards to 5 smart IFA firms that have showcased 5 diverse marketing skills to spur their business growth - 5 ideas that every IFA would do well to understand and imbibe from.

  The wisest advisor in India is....
Presenting a photo feature capturing the highlights of the Wise Advice Case Competition 2017 awards event

3 great marketing ideas to propel your business
3 great marketing ideas implemented by champion IFAs were recognized and awarded at the Marketing Wiz Awards 2016 event on 2nd July, 2016.

  Who is the true Tarakki champion among all IFAs?
ICICI Prudential AMC and Wealth Forum have instituted the Tarakki awards to recognize distributors who have demonstrated genuine Tarakki - by building sustainable businesses over the years.

And, the wisest advisor in India is....
Awards for the 3 wisest responses to the Wise Advice Case Competition, 2016 were given away at a special ceremony on 1st July, 2016.

  7 leading IFAs show the way to Think BIG and achieve BIG
The 4th edition of the Think BIG awards, presented by Reliance Nipponn AMC and Wealth Forum, were given away at a special ceremony on 1st July, 2016.

6 rising stars of the IFA fraternity
SBI MF presents the 4th annual Wealth Forum Emerging Advisor Awards, 2016, where we recognized 6 rising stars of the IFA fraternity.

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