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  Say NO to clients with unrealistic expectations
Continuing our series of Distributor & Advisor Round Tables (DART), our Pune DART suggested practical ways to guide investors with unrealistic returns expectations – with numbers, with logic, with gentle persuasion – and where required, by simply saying NO.

Do you really need that monthly dividend, Mr. Investor?
Continuing our series of Distributor & Advisor Round Tables (DART), our Ahmedabad DART suggests practical ways in which we can help investors avoid irrational exuberance of rushing to convert bank FDs into balanced funds with monthly dividend payout plans.

  Who set these unrealistic investor expectations?
Continuing our series of Distributor & Advisor Round Tables (DART), our Jaipur DART raised some pertinent questions around who really is responsible for setting what we now think are perhaps unrealistic investor expectations on returns from mutual funds.

Will ULIPs and bank FDs threaten MFs now?
The Union Budget has made some significant changes in taxation of investment avenues. 10% DDT has been imposed on equity oriented funds, while ULIPs continue to be tax free. For senior citizens, bank FDs have become a whole lot more attractive, with a 4 fold increase in tax free exemption limit on interest income.

  Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, PAR IFA Zaroori Hai
Ashish and Manish Goel can confidently complete the MF industry's catch phrase "Mutual Funds Sahi Hai" with "IFA Zaroori Hai" as they are proactively taking a number of steps to help their clients avoid the perils of this bull market and remain focused on their agreed goal based plans.

IFAs share strategy to activate inactive clients
Continuing our coverage of the Chennai edition of WF Distributors & Advisors Round Table (Chennai – DART), we bring you the second part of the engaging discussion, which revolved around how to manage growing scale amidst high business growth.

  What should we do when clients ask us for balanced funds?
Wealth Forum is very happy to introduce its Round Table series: a new level of industry engagement on topical business issues and opportunities. In our inaugural edition, we engaged with leading advisors and distributors from Chennai on two key business challenges that IFAs typically face today

Fitting reply to media misrepresentation of MF distributors
Mister Bond has come out all guns blazing, countering media misrepresentation of MF distributors with hard facts and figures that expose the hollowness of their “research based” findings.

  SIP books of IFAs are at grave risk
SIPs are the biggest retail success story for the industry, having reached a monthly input value in excess of Rs.5600 crores. But I fear, unless AMFI corrects a glaring anomaly, the SIP story can be seriously endangered. I want to bring this to the attention of industry leaders, through Wealth Forum, so that a fair and equitable solution can be quickly implemented, in the best interests of investors, distributors and AMCs.

Please stop this mis-selling – NOW!
Mr. Bond takes up the dividend selling issue in equity oriented funds from where we left it at the recent WF conference. He lists 10 points that investors are most likely not aware of when they agree to invest in the dividend option of equity oriented funds instead of choosing SWPs for cash flow requirements. With hard data, he showcases how investors can earn more than 3X by simply opting for SWPs rather than dividend payouts.

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